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Protective gloves

  • June 23, 2020
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If the health authorities have dropped the pressure on the convenience of wearing a mask, with gloves, they have always been clear. The coronavirus, fortunately, can not pass through the skin, so wearing protective gloves, disposable, does not seem to be the key to preventing the virus. Before you go out in the street carrying our gloves, as if we were going to do an operation instead of buying potatoes, here are a few essential keys that we should all know about the wearing of gloves during the coronavirus.

Are there circumstances in which it is important to use them ?

It is practical touse safety gloves disposable when this is indicated in the institutions and when we are going to choose fruits and vegetables that are not packaged. Important ! If we left the house with gloves, by the time we arrived at the booth of fruit, these gloves have already hit the buttons, the buttons of the elevator, the wheel, the handle of the basket, and very probably our face.

These gloves are "our hands" and we can't directly touch the fruits and vegetables with them. We need to use the gloves offered by the supermarket (on our gloves if we want to) as we always do. In the work environment, each worker must follow the specific guidelines laid down by the company such as the use of goggles, protective gloves and face shield.

What are the materials best suited for disposable gloves ?

Latex : what are the colors transparent white "the usual". In general, they are the most comfortable and fit like a second skin. They are used to track patients and protect them from biological and chemical risks. They are also used in the laboratory, for the extraction of samples or the handling of the instruments. The main disadvantage of these gloves is the allergic reaction that they trigger in some people. Even if they are perfect to fight against the Covid19, for more than ten years, it is advisable to limit their use in the food industry.

The vinyl : this is an inexpensive material, but more porous and it is recommended only for tasks of health short and without risk. The blue vinyl gloves powder free are a good choice in the food industry because they are suitable for food contact. In addition, they are easily detectable by their color, which can be very useful in the case where, by mistake, one of the gloves would end up where it should not. In vinyl gloves and acrylonitrile are the preferred option recommended by the ministry of health and the ministry of industry, trade and tourism in their guide to best practices in commercial establishments.

Nitrile : other material that is highly elastic and a high degree of adaptability, similar to that of the latex, but with a greater resistance to rubbing and perforation than the other gloves. By this time of déconfinement, they are in high demand in the health sector.

Polyethylene : these are the gloves "large" generally available in service stations and supermarkets to pick up the fruit that is not packed. It is a transparent material, less adaptable, which provides a hygienic protection sufficient for simple tasks and short-term.

Whatever your hardware needs, we are willing and available to provide you with gels hydroalcoholic, cleaning wipes and of quality gloves for your safety.

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